砂拉越彭氏公会网站 www.sarawakphang.com会长的话本会网站的设立,标志着本会持续成长,跟随时代的步伐, 与时并进及拓展彭家时空领域的大跃进二十一世纪是科技的巅峰时代,科技的发展,何止一日千里,简直是石破天惊,时时刻刻都在千变万化,令人观止,令人嘡目结舌。电脑科技从笨重巨大的机械而进化成随身携带的笔记本式,又再演化为手机的一部份,只是最进几年以内的事,我们可以凭着一个微薄的手机,一按电钮,可以找到世界各国角落的建筑或景点,十年前这些功能是不敢想像的。现代的人可以说『一机在手,横行天下』通讯的发达,使我们能与远在天之一角的亲人,友人,商业伙伴谈话举行跨越空间的会议 (e –conference )还可以在莹光幕上面对面的与他们对话 (Skype) Facebook  (面子书) , twitter等等 已取代了所有的传统通讯及交流的工具,世界领袖奥巴马(Obama)縂统也通过这些先进的工具而有效的与人民及世界各国的领导人取得联系与沟通。砂拉越彭氏公会今日推展我们的网站,已经是慢了一大截但是我们到底还是跨前了一大步。



欢迎来观赏 www.sarawakphang.com 希望各位从中能感受到温馨,温情,得到有益的资讯,得到知识也得到快乐。

谢谢 !


From the President, Phang Clan Association Sarawak.

Welcome to www.sarawakphang.com, the official website of the Phang Clan Association, Sarawak.

The launching of our website signifies our association’s “great leap forward” in its growth and development . It further demonstrates our awareness of the tremendous changes taking place around us and our willingness and preparedness to embrace and be part of these changes.

It is not an overstatement to say that the 21st century is the IT age. Look at the breath-taking and mind-boggling developments of technology that have taken place in the last decade or so. Who would have imagined 10 years ago that we could carry a note book in our hands and search the internet, send and receive mail, conduct e-conferencing, search and research knowledge and information, and play games all at the touch of a button?!!

And now all these can be done with the i-phone or whatever they call it—all incorporated in the tiny gadget which we take with us wherever we go. God knows what other advances we will witness next year, next month or tomorrow!!!!

When I was visiting my son in San Francisco in 2007 we went into the “Apple” show room and I was really dumbfounded to find out that I could see the picture of my house in Kuching from the handphone!!! Today the I Phone is everywhere and we can do all these things anywhere, in any remote corner on earth.

Then what about Facebook, Twitter and so forth? The world is experiencing a communication revolution which is unimaginable. Yet it is happening right before our eyes.

So our web site lauching can be viewed as long overdue but at least we are doing what is necessary and what must be done to connect the Phangs with each other all over the world and to connect us with the world at large. It is very exciting to have this launch as I believe it is a big step for us in Sarawak.

I urge all Phang members and their children, grandchildren and great grand children to be IT literate  and benefit from the tremendous opportunities generated by the internet, by the technology that the world offers .

A word of caution: we embrace technology; we live in a very competitive environment of fast changes; we strive to be  on top of it all. In the midst of all this do we lose our human, moral and social values ? Do we get sucked into the high tech abyss and become a weird thing fingering, virtualising, devoid of the human touch, insensitive to the fine elements of culture, art, traditions, and personal interactions? Will we become, one day, incapable of feeling the usual sadness, joy, tenderness and care and love and other emotions which have, since the beginning of civilization, made our lives so colourful, so beautiful, ……because we have minimal interpersonal contacts, because our only contacts are through space?

No, we must not let this happen. Its incumbent upon us, parents and leaders, to pass on values, customs, practice, thoughts etc handed down by our forefathers, so that in the vastness of the internet and virtual space we remain every bit a warm, feeling human being.

Once again welcome to www.sarawakphang.com

May you find your interaction with us useful, informative, and heart-warming.

Yours truly,

Chung Shin, Phang


Phang Clan Association, Sarawak