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Xi'an Lanshen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is a new kind of environmental protection material company by the technical team initiated the formation, is currently the only focus in research and application of environmental protection research and application of adsorption materials company, has a modern production base and experienced professional production team. Composed of a professor of engineering, doctoral and master's research and development team members have research and application experience of nearly twenty years, with a number of advanced technology patents, has solved the problem of emission standard corresponding wastewater for customers, to help customers on the road of sustainable development.

The company "high concentrated organic wastewater treatment research and industrialization project" won the "2015 Xi'an science and Technology Innovation Award"; in 2016 to participate in environmental innovation and entrepreneurship competition, won the "outstanding award".

Industrial wastewater Lanshen environmental protection to deal with the most difficult to deal with, such as:

1, high concentration organic wastewater treatment; treatment of coking, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical intermediates and other industries to discharge wastewater, reduce COD, wastewater decolorization.

2, low COD wastewater advanced treatment: treatment of petrochemical, printing and dyeing and coking industry biochemical tail water, comprehensive sewage treatment plant upgrading, R/O thick water treatment.

3, heavy metal wastewater treatment processing, mining and metallurgy, electroplating industry wastewater.

4, organic waste gas treatment, treatment of petrochemical, organic chemical industry emissions of organic gas.

Lanshen environmental protection efforts to develop functional polymer adsorption materials and application technology, focused on providing professional and efficient sewage treatment and low cost for customers, discharge problems for customers to solve the corresponding wastewater, to help customers on the road of sustainable development.

With professional technology at their disposal, make more contributions to the cause of social environment, Lanshen is simple and ambitious common ideal.