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Occupation development space Lanshen environmental protection technology to good industry development prospects, the unique talent incentive mechanism, the development of broad and excellent staff environment and talents, through treatment, development, culture and career development to ensure personnel, in the implementation of enterprise development strategy and vision at the same time, to realize the value of life and dream employee.
Talent strategy:
So to officers who have the opportunity to officers who have the stage, do nothing with treatment and status.
Talent concept:
1, full of dreams and passion, the pursuit of first-class people
2, customer oriented, innovative people
3, self-discipline, creativity, team spirit to promote business people
4, continue to cultivate the strength of fair competition
Employing principle:
Respect the creativity and self-discipline of the staff, pay attention to the ability, provide fair opportunities, and ensure that the performance of the treatment as a result of the employer.

Talent recruitment

post Requirement

R & D Engineer 2


1, research and development of new products; product performance improvement research.

2, engineering commissioning, customer service;

3. Provide technical support and application plan for product sales and project implementation.

Job requirements:

1, polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, master's degree or above, under the age of 35.

2, professional skills, hardworking, able to devote themselves to research work.

3, the application of information retrieval, report writing, the ability to write patents.

4. More than 1 years experience in chemical research and development, adsorption resin development is preferred.

5, presided over and participated in the development of municipal projects above is preferred.

Sales Engineer (Technical Sales) 3


1, according to the company's sales plan, conduct market research, product promotion, marketing.

2, actively establish and maintain long-term and stable relationship with customers.

3, continue to open up new markets, complete the company's sales and payment recovery tasks.

4, responsible for the pre-sale, sale, after-sales process related business processes and coordination.

5, timely completion of other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Job requirements:

1, 25-38 years old, chemical, environmental protection (Environmental Engineering, environmental science, etc.), water treatment, materials or marketing professional, college degree or above, for technical sales.

2, more than two years experience in water treatment, environmental protection, chemical and other technical or sales experience.

3, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and good marketing, public relations ability.

4, quick thinking, strong learning ability, hard-working.

5, industrial waste water treatment technology or sales experience, or resin adsorption related knowledge is preferred.
6, be able to travel frequently (non overseas).

Interested parties please send your resume to: hr@lanshenkeji.com
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