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  • Treatment of high concentrated organic wastewater

    "All shall rise, environmental protection first, Xi an Lanshen environmental protection science and technology limited company know the importance of environmental protection for the development of enterprises,

  • Advanced treatment of low COD wastewater

    Reconstruction is the main purpose of sewage treatment plant emission standards to improve a grade B standard for the level A standard, emissions of sewage in the COD, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen and total

  • Heavy metal wastewater treatment

    Chelating polymer and ion trapping agent method is through with dosage of heavy metal chelating agent in wastewater treatment process, the principle of chelate forming the corresponding chelating agent and metal

  • Organic waste gas treatment

    Activated carbon is the most widely used method to treat organic waste gas at present It has good adsorption performance to benzene waste gas The main disadvantage is the high cost of operation, is not suitable for high humidity environment, but the current market applications, the use of activated carbon adsorption is the most commonly used Organic waste gas treatment of activated carbon has a reasonable pore size distribution, high adsorption capacity