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Company to carry out health knowledge seminars

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The afternoon of October 27, 2015, the company staff in the early examination of the health examination center, Kang Chengjun invited experts, chief physician Li Xiulai conducted the overall interpretation of medical staff report and health issues lectures.

In this lecture, to "health" as the theme, Li first as we do the overall interpretation of the medical report, in the light of the commonly existing problems in physical examination were explained, and analyzes the reasons of abnormal situations. Explain, Li, director of their own clinical practice for many years, through the actual case to help employees better understand the problems in the examination of their own health.

In view of the increasing pressure of life and work in the society, many people will ignore their own health status, form a sub healthy state, and even lead to serious challenges in both physical and psychological aspects. Therefore, Li suggested that we should strengthen physical exercise and perseverance to adhere to a reasonable diet, while a regular physical examination, pay attention to and keep abreast of their health.

In the subsequent interaction, the company staff for their daily lives and health problems encountered in the question, have received a warm and meticulous director Li answer.

In this lecture, we learned a lot of health knowledge and the meaning of some common detection indicators, enhance the staff's self health management awareness. The event is only the beginning of our health care, the company will help employees do their own health management.