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Our company took part in "science & Innovation cor Angel campus recruitment 2015" activities

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On the evening of October 18, 2015 and 19, should be in Science & Chuangxing cor angel's invitation, I participated in the company were held at the Xi'an Jiao Tong University and the Northwestern Polytechnical University campus recruitment and business sharing. The day of the scene is very hot, the whole, whether it is business or candidates, are actively involved in.

Conference on science and technology innovation ecological network science & Chuangxing cor angel fund investment director Zhang Tao of the research institutions and angel investment and Incubator + entrepreneurship training "as a whole is introduced, and invited the Xi'an Yang Xiao electronic general manager of Chinese American Wu Yang, known as Xi'an photoelectric company deputy general manager - Jiaotong University 09 Alumni Yang Tao and Xi'an nine cable electronic general manager of young entrepreneurs who share their insights and Entrepreneurship of graduates employment understanding.

Predecessors share, inspire the audience of students, the interactive link were also unriddling for job seekers, business issues such as students.

Recruitment, recruitment team comrades patiently answered one by one the students are interested in the position of questioning, meticulous communication, understanding of the students' mentality of employment and employment intention, hope to be able to recruit talents for the company, the first step will also help the students good occupation career.

The recruitment of the wonderful sharing:

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