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Resin adsorption method for sewage treatment

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The resin adsorption method is one of the most promising technologies for the treatment of organic wastewater, which is a combination of chemical wastewater treatment and organic toxicant resource recovery. Adsorption resin is a polymer cross-linked structure inside the spherical body, has the pore structure and surface chemical structure can be selected, through non covalent bonding between molecules, the enrichment, separation and recovery of organic toxicants in chemical wastewater, it can realize the resource of wastewater. For benzene, phenol, amine, carboxylic acid and sulfonic acid and other toxic organic chemical wastewater and by-product acid treatment and resource reuse, the biggest feature of this technology is also in wastewater treatment, also realizes the recovery of organic toxicants in wastewater using resources. This technology can promote the chemical industry, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes and other industries to improve the level of pollution control.