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Treatment of high concentrated organic wastewater

"All shall rise, environmental protection first, Xi'an Lanshen environmental protection science and technology limited company know the importance of environmental protection for the development of enterprises, research has been devoted to the prevention and control of water pollution and resources, developed a series of new LS macroporous adsorption resin, and the successful development of the adsorption process in fixed bed, widely used in high concentration organic wastewater treatment inorganic wastewater treatment, not only the effective governance of the organic chemical wastewater treatment, strict control of toxic organic pollutants emissions, solve the environmental problems plagued the development of enterprises, but also realize the raw materials and intermediates in wastewater enrichment, recycling and comprehensive utilization, to achieve a unified environmental benefits, social benefits and economic benefits, to help customers go on the road of sustainable development.

It is a kind of macroporous adsorption resin for wastewater treatment, which is mainly used in the production of dyes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and intermediates. Can be used for adsorption and recovery of phenols, amines, organic acid, nitro compounds, halogenated hydrocarbons, such as difficult to deal with 1- naphthylamine, 1- naphthol and 2- naphthol, 23- acid, 1, 2, 4- acid and ferrite, Peri Acid naphthalene intermediate wastewater, m-cresol, p-nitrophenol, nitrobenzene, nitro chlorobenzene, aniline, para two aniline phthalate two amine organic intermediates wastewater treatment.


"The resin adsorption" advantage "resin adsorption method" bid farewell to two times pollution of traditional treatment methods, not only has the advantages of wide application range, high adsorption efficiency, long service life, but also from the wastewater recycling useful chemical substances to achieve the waste resource recovery, recycling value can cover part of operating costs, even a slight surplus, thus helping customers to go on the road of sustainable development. At present, the technology has been successfully applied in many industrial projects, and has produced good social and economic benefits.